CYF-Shining Light Baptist Church

The Lord granted us the privilege of hosting a CYF rally at Shining Light Baptist Church Friday January 13th, the last night of their Winter Jubilee with T.D. Burgess. There was over 700 young people in attendance with 100 plus in the choir. God really moved during the singing and old fashioned praise began to ring out. SAGBC did a powerful drama on how God’s uses your past mistake or present weakness to bless others by the grace of God!  Dr. Lentz preached a timely message on our goal at the start of 2012 should be “I Want My Stuff Back.” The devil has robed dad and mom of victorious christian lives that their kids can draw encouragement from. The devil has robed teenagers of their joy, purity, and testimonies while leaving them with fair weather friends, addictions, and broken lives. It is time we arise from our defeated state just as David did in 1 Samuel 30! There was 25 young people who came forward desiring Christ as their Saviour and many others praying asking God for strength to take their stuff back! We give Jesus all the glory!

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